Mutant Chronicles Gets Legit Release

Wagner/Cuban’s Magnet Releasing announced today that it has acquired US rights to the Simon Hunter-directed sci-fi/action epic “Mutant Chronicles” starring Thomas Jane, Ron Perlman, Devon Aoki and John Malkovich.

Aet in the year 2707, on an unrecognizable Earth where a war is raging between four giant corporations who control the planet. An errant bomb shatters an ancient buried seal, releasing a horrific mutant army from its prison deep within the earth.

The Edward R. Pressman production will premiere on video-on-demand on March 27th, followed by a limited theatrical release on April 24th.

The film gained a small amount of infamy when a DVD containing the full film leaked onto the torrenting networks last Summer. Reviews from a screening at July’s San Diego Comic Con were not kind either.