Mutant Childbirth Warp Child’s Brains

I’ve tried, I really have, but for the life of me am sad of what the horror genre has become of late – confusing disgust with fright and dumping genuine scares in favour of just demented make-up effects. Now it seems, some kids are paying the price in this cute little anecdote.

FOX News reports that moviegoers expecting to see the PG rated “The Last Mimzy” instead watched in shock as a chained naked woman, who was implied to have been kept prisoner and been raped by mutants, gave birth to a dead baby on screen and then was brutally killed.

Seems a cinema in Holtsville, New York accidentally mixed up the reels with the R-rated horror sequel “The Hills Have Eyes 2” and started playing that film in the theatre by mistake. Worse still, the scene in question (easily the film’s most disturbing scene) is pre-credits so there was no forewarning.

As a result, some 50 people – including parents with young children – literally ran screaming from the theatre and began screaming at the assorted staff. The upset patrons got free ticket vouchers and the proper movie run in compensation.