Murray Open To “Ghostbusters 3” Cameo

Murray Open To Ghostbusters 3 Cameo

Acting legend Bill Murray has revealed that he would appear in Jason Reitman’s new “Ghostbusters” movie – so long as he’s asked to participate.

The new film continues directly on from the two original films, ignoring the events of the 2016 reboot. Finn Wolfhard, Mckenna Grace and Carrie Coon are currently slated to star.

Speaking with Indiewire, the actor says: “I was in that movie (the 2016 reboot) just because they asked me, and I knew if I said no, I was saying I didn’t support that movie. I felt like, ‘OK, I’m going to support them because I support them as people’. So I did that one and I would do this next one.”

Reitman will be co-writing the script with Gil Kenan and the movie opens in cinemas on July 10th 2020.