Murray Films “Ghostbusters” Reboot Cameo?

Though it’s a full reboot with no inclusion of the previous two film’s continuity, Paul Feig’s upcoming female-centric re-invention of the “Ghostbusters” franchise will include some familiar faces in bit parts.

Dan Aykroyd has already revealed he’ll have a cameo, and now it seems Bill Murray could well be showing up to join his “St. Vincent” co-star Melissa McCarthy on the film.

Murray was seen walking to the set recently, and Heat Vision is claiming he will make an on-screen appearance. No word as yet whether the last of the surviving main Ghostbusters, Ernie Hudson, will also pop up.

BMD adds that Murray will play a professional supernatural debunker named Martin Heis. Chris Hemsworth, Michael Kenneth Williams, Andy Garcia, Cecily Strong, Matt Walsh, Nate Corddry and Neil Casey also star in the film which opens July next year.