Munroe Talks Shredder & TMNT Sequels

“TMNT” director Kevin Munroe has confirmed to that there’s a definite possibility of sequels to the CG animated action flick.

Munroe confirms that hints of a sequel appear at the end of this flick – “It’s a very not-so-subtle nod at the end. I’d love it to happen, I wish it was my decision. I do have a deal to do a second one, we’ll just wait and see if it happens. I think it’s going to depend, it’s just all box office at this point.”

The upcoming film features a new set of mythological creatures arrives, along with the villain Karai. Thus criticism has been drawn for the lake of the Turtles usual antagonist Shredder.

Would he be back in sequels? “Yea, it’d nice, it’d be really cool. As a fan I’d love that.,, we now have these sort of better Shredder stories of how to bring Shredder back. But now if it works out well, and Karai coming to New York, that’s a setup for a really good volume in The Turtes in the comics as well, it could work out to a really cool sequel.””

The first film hits cinemas on March 23rd.