Munroe, Hung Up On War Monkeys

Kevin Munroe (“TMNT”) is in negotiations to direct and Sammo Hung to star in the horror/black comedy feature “War Monkeys” for Dark Horse Indie.

Penned by Cleve Nettles from a story by Chris Patton, the story follows two janitors trapped in an underground research facility during the Christmas holiday with a batch of accidentally released military-trained Rhesus monkeys. Hung plays one of the pair.

Munroe calls it a scarier “Shaun of the Dead” with two slightly bumbling leads and some real horror elements with regards to the monkeys. The film will be a combination of real monkeys, animatronic puppets and CGI.

Munroe will get to work on the film when he fulfills his obligations on the live action Dylan Dog feature “Dead of Night” for Hyde Park and Platinum Studios. Chris Patton and Robert Sanchez are producing.