Mulligan & Moore Set To Play Gloria Steinhem

If you don’t know who iconic feminist activist and journalist Gloria Steinem is, you’re about to find out with not one but two films on the way featuring her as a key character.

Carey Mulligan has been cast as Steinem in the Dee Rees-directed “An Uncivil War” for FilmNation which begins shooting in March and is now casting.

The story deals with Steinem, lawyer and activist Florynce Kennedy, and others efforts to ratify the equal rights act, while conservative organizer Phyllis Schlafly advocates against it. Although it passed both houses of Congress in 1972 and was submitted to the state legislatures for ratification, it fell short of enactment after receiving 35 of the necessary 38 state ratifications.

This follows on from news earlier this week that Julianne Moore is set to play Steinem in the Julie Taymor-directed “My Life On The Road” for June Pictures. Taymor, Lynn Hendee, Andrew Duncan and Alex Saks are producing.

Playwright Sarah Ruhl is writing the coming of age story, based on Steinem’s bestselling memoir. The film follows her growth from a reluctant spokesperson of a movement, into a galvanizing symbol for equality with a focus on the encounters along the road that helped shaped her.

‘Road’ isn’t as far along as ‘Uncivil’ as it’s still in the scripting stage.

Sources: Variety, Deadline