MST3K Revival Breaks Crowdfunding Record

A month ago “Mystery Science Theater 3000” creator Joel Hodgson began a Kickstarter campaign to bring back the cult favorite sci-fi property. The campaign launched with huge ambitions – hoping to raise $5.5 million in order to produce twelve new episodes of the show with a whole new cast.

Said campaign came to an end last night and the result was even better than expected. The fundraising resulted in a total of $6.3 million being raised, making it the the largest crowd-funded online video of all-time and beating the $5.7M previous record held by “Veronica Mars”.

In fact it made so much that fourteen new episodes of the series will be able to be produced, including a new holiday special. Hodgson says the aim of the whole campaign isn’t just to make one new season but to ultimately finding a way to “give our show a home, so that we can make a lot more seasons.”

Jonah Ray plays the new human lead character with Hampton Yount and Baron Vaughn as the voices for Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot respectively. Patton Oswalt and Felicia Day are also onboard in roles. The likes of Mark Hamill, Jack Black, Neil Patrick Harris, Joel McHale, Bill Hader and Jerry Seinfeld are all reportedly keen to have cameos in the work.

Behind-the-scenes you’ll have guest writers like “Rick and Morty” creator Dan Harmon, “Ready Player One” scribe Ernest Cline, comedian Dana Gould and “Frozen” singwriter Robert Lopez.

Source: CNet, The Verge