Mr. T Gets A Home Renovation Show

I pity the fool that can’t build his own balcony. Former “The A-Team” star and Rocky Balboa opponent Mr. T is coming back to television, in a way you might not expect.

“I Pity the Tool” is a new renovation show marks the latest in a growing series of programs on the Scripps Networks which blends home improvements with celebrities. Daryl Hall, Vanilla Ice and William Shatner have all previously been a part of the DIY brand.

T tells Variety: “You can’t just knock down everything. There might be electrical wiring. There might be a gap open. You have to take your time. You have to scout things out. If you do the wrong thing, it’s going to be a disaster.”

The first episode of Mr. T’s show aims to debut towards year’s end, followed by further episodes in 2016 which sees him lending a hand to people who need it – but specific dates are not yet set. The series will be fully unveiled during the network upfronts in May.