MPAA Slaps “Bruno” With An NC-17

In a not so surprising move, the MPAA has slapped the first submitted cut of Sacha Baron Cohen’s upcoming comedy “Bruno” with the dreaded NC-17 rating in the United States reports The Wrap.

The ratings board apparently objected to a number of sexual sequences in the film which has the “Borat” comedian playing the gay Austrian fashionista character.

These sequences include a scene where Bruno appears to have anal sex on camera, and another set on a hunting trip where he sneaks naked into the tent of an unsuspecting fellow hunter.

Distributor Universal Pictures requires an R-rated feature to be released so Cohen is expected to make several edits to the film before resubmission. With the film’s release set for July 10th, the editing should cause no problem in the planned roll-out of the film.

Two different versions of the film were test screened last week, both to extremely enthusiastic responses. Cohen apparently has so much material available from shooting that substitutions might take place for those sequences.

No word as to whether the deleted sequences will likely be saved for the international cut of the film, but they’re certainly expected to make the DVD release. The “Borat” film similarly scored an NC-17 rating on its first submission.