MPAA Report: Discs Dying As Digital Soars

In a break from its usual pattern, The Motion Picture Association of America has opted to include home entertainment spending in their annual report on the health of the film business – previously they only focused on theatrical revenue.

In 2017, combined global spending on theatrical and home entertainment hit a reported $88.4 billion with digital home entertainment (including streaming services) jumping by 31% to $32.1 billion – easily eclipsing physical home entertainment spending which fell 15% to $15.7 billion.

In fact, overall total home entertainment spending was up by 11% to $47.8 billion as people’s spending habits on home video products continue to shift away from the amassing of large disc collections to on-demand renting, purchasing and subscription VOD.

The U.S. portion of that spending was $20.5 billion for digital home entertainment, with $13.7 billion of that spent on digital (up by 20%). There was also a 45% increase in ‘online TV views’ which is those purchasing and watching via TVs through either the TV itself or connected smart devices like media players and game consoles.

The real surprise though was that the Ben Affleck-led 2016 thriller “The Accountant” topped the list of U.S. digital movie rentals, beating out runners-up “Moana” and “Wonder Woman”.

As for theatrical exhibition, North American box-office revenue came in at $11.1 billion – down by 2% with attendance at a 22-year low. Foreign revenue climbed to $29.5 billion, up by 7% with China responsible for around one-quarter of that figure.

Those aged 25-39 continue to be the most frequent moviegoers, followed by the 40-49 age group, while 18-24 and 12-17 age groups were down by 28% & 22% respectively.

Source: THR