MoviePass Resurrects Its Uncapped Plan

Moviepass Resurrects Its Uncapped Plan

The story of MoviePass just keeps on chugging as the company announced on Tuesday it plans to resurrect its $9.95-per-month subscription plan that allows one movie every day.

It was that plan, in its new form dubbed the ‘Uncapped’ plan, that kicked off the whole saga surrounding the movie ticketing subscription service last year. Ted Farnsworth, CEO of MoviePass parent Helios and Matheson, says in a statement:

“We are – and have been – listening to our subscribers every day, and we understand that an uncapped subscription plan at the $9.95 price point is the most appealing option to our subscribers. While we’ve had to modify our service a number of times in order to continue delivering a movie-going experience to our subscribers, with this new offering we are doing everything we can to bring people a version of the service that originally won their hearts.”

What’s the catch? Well, there are several. The ‘uncapped’ plan is a limited-time offer, is only available to those paying for a year’s subscription in advance ($119.40), and only covers 2D movies ‘available in the app’. In addition, they say: “Your movie choices may be restricted due to excessive individual usage which negatively impacts system-wide capacity” which effectively means they can block you at any time.

The company does promise a large selection of blockbusters and independent films along with ticket reservations up to three hours before the session begins.

The news comes as THR reports that Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has launched its own movie ticket subscription package. The $20-per-month Alamo Season Pass will launch nationwide by the end of the year and offers unlimited access to movies, as well as the ability to reserve seats in advance.

Source: EW