MoviePass Is Uncancelling Some Accounts

Moviepass Is Uncancelling Some Accounts

It has been a while since beleaguered movie subscription service MoviePass made headlines, but today they’re back in the news with a nasty surprise for lapsed users of the service.

An email sent out to some former subscribers says that those who canceled their MoviePass subscription instead of opting into the recently implemented $9.95 for three movies a month plan are now being offered a chance to resubscribe under the old one film per day setup for the same price.

How they can afford to do that is unclear. The trouble is the email also states that unless the reader clicks a specific ‘opt out’ link refusing the offer, MoviePass assumes they’re in and reactivates their account on October 5th. From a legal standpoint, restarting a canceled account without the permission of the account holder seems questionable at best.

Despite the return to the one film a day proposal, the e-mail confirms it’s still ‘based on existing inventory’ and so no new or popular releases will likely be included in that allowance. MoviePass’ owner Helios & Matheson Analytics Inc. current sits at a stock price of 1.5 cents – down from a high of $8,225 nearly a year ago.

Source: Screen Rant & The Verge