MoviePass Gets A ‘Friendlier’ Makeover

Moviepass Gets A Friendlier Makeover

Beleaguered movie ticketing service is setting out to give itself a more confident and more member-enticing makeover with a new marketing campaign and a fresh round of more customer-friendly offerings to be instituted shortly.

The company now believes it has found a break-even model that will allow it to improve its service and continue to operate. As a result, it now plans to reintroduce some sort of unlimited program that would enable users to see as many movies as they wanted each month. Pricing for that plan isn’t clear.

MoviePass has also apparently stemmed its bleeding and has started to regain subscribers with customer sentiment for the brand also rising according to one online analytics firm. Khalid Itum, executive VP, has reportedly been meeting with theater owners in recent weeks with an approach thought to be far less confrontational than in the past.

MoviePass’ parent company, data firm Helios and Matheson Analytics, has lost hundreds of millions of dollars over the past year with its stock about to be delisted from Nasdaq – even as it scrambles to spin-off itself from MoviePass and so hang on to its publicly traded status.

Source: Variety