MoviePass Focuses On Pushing Own Films Out

Moviepass Focuses On Pushing Own Films Out

As part of its latest attempt to keep its finances in check, MoviePass has announced plans for a new business model that prioritizes self-generated revenue instead of reliance on exhibitors and studios.

In a statement released Wednesday, the company plans a “much more interconnected” relationship between their service and the film production business label MoviePass Films launched last year.

The company will make the films it produces available to MoviePass subscribers, pushing the openings of those films hard in the hopes it will increase the film’s box office potential and thus expand the subscription service itself.

MoviePass Films will also accelerate production of projects for theatrical release, and increase distribution deals for retail, home video, and global sales.

Among the films they have on the way is the Mel Gibson-led “Boss Level,” the Al Pacino-led “Axis Sally,” the Bruce Willis action film “10 Minutes Gone,” and the horror film “The Reckoning”.

Source: The Wrap