MoviePass Dumping Annual Subscriptions

Moviepass Dumping Annual Subscriptions

After a week or two of quiet, movie ticketing subscription service MoviePass is back with another twist, this time a change-up for its most loyal subscribers – those who paid an annual fee.

Until yesterday, annual subscribers had been able to see a movie a day and had not been affected by the recent restrictions imposed on monthly subscribers who were limited to three movie tickets each month. That’s changed as in an e-mail sent out on Friday, MoviePass has pulled the plug on annual subscriptions.

The company reportedly told annual subscribers that between now and August 31st, they have the option to either switch over to a monthly plan and thus adhere to the same terms as monthly subscribers – or cancel their membership and receive a prorated refund.

After August 31st, annual subscribers who haven’t already opted-in or cancelled will be automatically switched onto the monthly plan. That plan will continue through to the end of their annual contract.

Source: The Verge & CNet