MoviePass Creator Plans PreShow App

Moviepass Creator Plans Preshow App

Stacy Spikes, the founder of MoviePass, has come up with a new film-related venture – PreShow.

Engadget reports that the service will allow people to score free movie tickets by sitting through “15-20 minute ‘preshow’ comprised of entertaining branded content” via your smart phone or tablet.

There’s a catch – to ensure you’re definitely watching the ads, the app will use proprietary facial recognition to track your eye movements to ensure you’re watching. If you stop looking at the ads for too long, they’ll pause and won’t start up again until you look at them.

There’s a green border around the edges of your screen to ensure you’re looking at it and tests conducted by the site indicate it’s very accurate and can’t be fooled at present.

Once you’ve sat through them, you’ll receive credits to attend a movie for free to any theater of your choice with a virtual credit card.

PreShow launched a Kickstarter campaign three days ago and has already scored 50% above the $14,000 it required.