MoviePass Chief Talks Future Disruption Plans

Moviepass Chief Talks Future Disruption Plans

MoviePass, the movie ticket subscription service that often seems to be on death’s doorstop judging by the headlines, is determined to disrupt the film industry even more than it has to date.

In a keynote address given at the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance event this week, Helios & Matheson CEO Ted Farnsworth opened up about the future of his company’s movie subscription service and says the next three months will see disruption that will “flip Hollywood on its ear again”. One will reportedly be a Rotten Tomatoes-esque ratings service, but one likely to utilise audience reviews more than professional critics.

Farnsworth adds that the service could break even with revenue between $150 million and $180 million from now to year-end, but admits the company hasn’t yet fully figured out how to monetize their customer’s data to sell to the studios. The company has reportedly done deals with over a dozen studios but no major revenue stream has come from it.

Source: Deadline