MoviePass Changed Passwords To Save Money

Moviepass Changed Passwords To Save Money

Recently the online news outlet Business Insider ran a feature piece into the rise and fall of MoviePass, the movie ticket subscription service that rose to glory overnight and crash-landed just as fast last year.

The in-depth report, assembled from a four-month investigation, looked at the company’s business practices and covered some of the major incidents that have been heavily documented.

One particular surprise though was the reveal that CEO Mitch Lowe apparently ordered employees to change the passwords of heavy MoviePass users, without their knowledge, so they would not be able to log on and use the service.

That’s not all though. When the company ran out of money in July 2018 and had to borrow $5 million in cash to keep it afloat, right around the time “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” came out, former employees tell the outlet that Lowe ordered that half of subscribers be frozen out the weekend of its release and blamed it on a “technical issue”.

The full article can be read here.