Movie Ads During Oscar Broadcast

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences board of governors has withdrawn its more than five decade ban on movie advertisements running during the Oscar telecast.

The result is, for the first time in its broadcast, films will be advertised during the ceremony.

The idea it seems will be to add some mass appeal to the broadcast and turn it the ads into an event – much like the Superbowl has become for ads and movie commercials.

This limited number of TV spots come with a number of heavy conditions:

-Only one spot per distributor, either 30 or 60 seconds in length

– The spot must be brand new and not run anywhere else beforehand.

– There will only be one movie spot per commercial break

– The film advertised must not open until the last week of April at the earliest.

– Commercials for sequels or prequels to films in contention in key award categories will not be allowed.

It’s expected that slots would go to the studios various early Summer 2009 tentpoles like “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” “Star Trek,” “Terminator Salvation,” “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince,” “Wolverine,” “Angels and Demons,” “Fast and Furious,” “Up,” Bruno,” “Night at the Museum 2” and so on.