Mountain Tops, “Watchmen” Dives

Disney’s sci-fi/family vehicle “Race to Witch Mountain” overcame mediocre reviews and easily took the top spot at this weekend’s box-office with $25 million.

The Rock-led ‘reboot’ of the classic 70’s franchise soundly beat last week’s top earner “Watchmen” which plunged a whopping 67% in its second weekend. The film, which proved very divisive with critics, has gone over well with the geek crowd but didn’t click with general audiences and thus its longevity looks very iffy.

The remake of the classic 70’s Wes Craven rape-horror feature “The Last House on the Left” pulled in the “Saw” crowd and came in third with a decently impressive $14.7 million despite weak reviews. The week’s other newcomer, fratboy comedy “Miss March” came in 10th with $2.4 million along with an astonishingly bad 5% & 2.6/10 score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Little other change was witnessed on the Top Ten with “Taken” continuing to so astonishing repeat business.