Mother’s Day Will Still Go Theatrical

Darren Lynn Bousman’s brutal remake of Troma classic “Mother’s Day” was originally slated for release on April 1st in North America, something that won’t be happening now.

While the global push on the film is gearing up, the question remains if the movie will be getting a theatrical release at all in the U.S., and if so when? The most obvious date is Mother’s Day itself on Friday May 13th this year, however that’s not been mentioned as a possibility yet.

Bousman himself answered the question in a recent STYD interview where he said the already overcrowded April 1st release date lead to the film’s small distributor Gigapix Studios pulling the movie in favour of a quieter weekend.

Bousman says “They assured me again it is coming out in theaters here – it is not a DVD release. As for a date, that I can’t give you. I know their plan is soon – as in second quarter of this year… As much as it is tearing me apart waiting – I would rather wait and have them put the movie out at the right time – then just dump it on some crammed weekend.”