Mother Goose Gets Her Own Movie

Hannover House, Inc. has acquired worldwide rights to Michael Snyder’s fantasy feature screenplay “Mother Goose!” and is getting the project into production this Fall for a release Summer 2013 says MarketWatch.

“Mother Goose!” tells the story of a young brother and sister, Jack and Jill, who are magically transported into a fantasy fairy land full of amusing characters and absurd situations. In order for them to return to their real lives, the kids must solve three riddles and obtain a magical key from the queen of the land, Mother Goose.

A major star is being sought for the title role of Mother Goose, and several A-list celebrities will have cameo roles as famous characters from children’s folklore.

Shooting will occur primarily in Arkansas, star cameos will be shot in Los Angeles, and many exteriors (including the castle sequences) will be done in Poland.