Mostow Adapting His Megas Comic

Jonathan Mostow is developing a feature film adaptation of his sci-fi comic book series “The Megas” says the trades.

“Megas” is set in a future society in which the American Revolution produced a monarchy, not a democracy, and consists of a culture of aristocracy and commoners, not to mention royal scandals.

The story is set in motion with the murder-suicide of a princely member of the Mega aristocracy and three prostitutes. Using the Bureau of Royal Investigation, the Megas try cover up the incident, which could be explosive as the king lies on his deathbed. But don’t count on the agent assigned to the case, James Madison, doing the right thing.

Mostow co-wrote the book, which hits stands today, with television writer John Harrison (“Dune”). The plan is to set up the property in the coming weeks before Mostow begins filming the Bruce Willis sci-fi thriller “The Surrogates”.