Most Torrented Films, Games, TV By State

Previous studies of the most pirated movies and shows have generally stuck to the largest possible terms – total number of copies downloaded in a major country or across the world.

Now, housing information company Movoto Real Estate has conducted a study that has gone more specific in its analysis. It has taken a look at the most torrented movies, TV shows and video games by each state in the United States of America.

The study sticks to the continental U.S. so doesn’t include Alaska or Hawaii. It was conducted over forty days and covers four million ‘seed nodes’, three million unique IP address and hundreds of titles. They have since published a map of the single most popular film, show and game by state.

In terms of movies, the titles were all over the map with some reinforcing stereotypes such as “Lone Survivor” in Texas and “Cuban Fury” in Florida, and others bucking the trend like “Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist” in Maine and “La Grande Bellezza” in New Jersey.

On the TV front, “Game of Thrones” dominates but the surprise is it seems to be the most popular in states that have the overall least amount of torrenting per capita. “24,” “Penny Dreadful,” “The Big Bang Theory,” “Californication,” “Fargo,” and “Awkward” also scored multiple state wins with “Orphan Black,” “The 100,” “Continuum,” “Galling Skies” and “Crisis” nabbing single states.

On the games front “Watch Dogs” cut a swath through most of the country with both mid-westerners, West Coast and East Coast types all getting into the action. Yet quite a few states were taken by various incarnations of “The Sims” and PC-only titles like “Garry’s Mod,” “Among the Sleep” and “Goat Simulator”

Click here for the full interactive map, or below for the still images listing the titles by state (click the cog in the top right and click ‘view full resolution’ for each image).