Mossman Readies For Spielberg’s Pacific

Mossman, the small town sandwiched between Cairns and Port Douglas on Australia’s north-eastern coast, is becoming a filmmaking mecca.

Dreamworks Fansite reports that there will be a public meeting in Mossman Community Hall next Thursday to discuss production of “The Pacific”, the $150 million 10-part war miniseries that Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks are producing for HBO.

It seems that lots of filming will be taking place in North Queensland at Rocky Point (near Mossman and Port Douglas) and locations in the Northern Territory, with the production managed from Melbourne’s Central City Studios.

The area has seen much activity in recent months with the filming of the Matthew McConaughey & Kate Hudson romantic comedy “Fool’s Gold”.

Filming in the area will begin in July and continuing for about eight months. Spielberg himself will be making a major announcement shortly in regards to the project which covers the battles in the Pacific Theater during World War II.