Morten Tydlum & Russos To “Exit West”

“Avengers: Infinity War” directors Joe and Anthony Russo and their unnamed production company has acquired rights to the Mohsin Hamid’s novel “Exit West”.

The work, a Man Booker Prize long list selection, follows a boy and girl fleeing their home after the boy’s mother is killed and their city descends into chaos.

Their way out? Three doors which lead to other parts of the globe – specifically a crowded camp on Mykonos, an abandoned London mansion, and California’s Marin County.

In each location, their relationship is by turns strengthened and tested by their struggle to find food, adequate shelter and a sense of belonging among emigrant communities.

Morten Tyldum (“Passengers,” “The Imitation Game”) has been set to direct the project which the Russos will produce with 20th Century Fox likely to distribute.

Source: Deadline