Mortal Kombat Still In Limbo

Christopher ‘mink’ Morrison, director of the upcoming sequel/re-invention of the game-turned-film “Mortal Kombat”, tells Moviehole that the project is still a while off.

“Mortal Kombat is still in the money stage. MK more than likely will be an indie film [despite a] projected budget that will be between 50-60 million so it is a bit more tricky than just running down to the ATM or writing a cashiers check” he says.

Production company Threshold is “working out the financing through a studio and or equity situation. This will take as long as needs to take. I know the frustration this causes the awesome MK fans but that’s the fact.”

What about casting? “Threshold have final say along with Midway as far as the cast goes so they will make that call. In regards to the past cast they and myself have met with a lot of the previous cast and they are all in the mix but as the money must come first so casting is a still a few steps away.”