“Mortal Kombat” Scribe On Film Reboot Status

“22 Jump Street” and “Shimmer Lake” writer Oren Uziel has had his name attached to the upcoming “Mortal Kombat” film reboot for sometime, however the project hasn’t had any further apparent movement since the hiring of commercial director Simon McQuoid last Fall.

Uziel, out doing press for crime thriller feature “Shimmer Lake” which premiered the other week on Netflix, spoke with Collider about his involvement in the new adaptation of the iconic ultra-violent arcade and video game series.

Uziel was hired and then dropped from a planned revival of the film franchise. Kevin Tancharoen, who was to direct, got him to pen the “Mortal Kombat: Rebirth” short film which led to Machinima’s web series “Mortal Kombat: Legacy” (which Uziel wasn’t involved in) and a revival a few years later of the feature idea:

“New Line came on board to actually make a feature version again. It was at that point that Kevin called and New Line called and they said, ‘Hey, you were there at the beginning, do you want to come back?’ I said, ‘Sure,’ so I wrote them a feature that has been the basis of what the ‘Mortal Kombat’ movie will be, but it’s been kicking around for a little while now.

It’s hard to sum up quickly. It’s almost like if you took ‘The Avengers,’ of if you took a storyline like that, but set it in a hard R, over the top violence and [the] hard-edged world of ‘Mortal Kombat.’ It was a little bit like that. It was a little bit of that ‘Wanted’-type story that brought together a bunch of these characters and pulled zero punches. It had a tone that was still fun, but very dark.”

That version was penned a good few years back. For now McQuoid is still slated to direct and James Wan will produce, but Wan has previously said there’s no plans to rush the film out so they will take plenty of time developing it.