Morrison Doing “Dominion,” “Rogue” Adaptations

Comics writer Grant Morrison tells The Daily Record that he’s busy at work on the scripts of two comic to film adaptations.

“I’ve just finished the second draft of the Dinosaurs vs Aliens movie. It’s what it kind of says on the tin” he says of “Dominion: Dinosaurs vs. Aliens” which “Men in Black” helmer Barry Sonnenfeld intends to direct. The story has aliens invading the Earth in prehistoric times with dinosaurs serving as the protagonists.

He’s also adapting “Rogue Trooper”, a strip from British comic 2000 AD, for Sam Worthington’s Full Clip Productions. The story follows a blue-skinned elite soldier who seeks the traitor general with the help of his three comrades – catch is those ‘comrades’ are dead G.I.’s whose personalities now reside in biochips implanted in three pieces of his equipment.