More Warner Bros. Date Changes

Warner Bros. Pictures has continued to move its projects about of late with several late 2006 films pushed back a few months, whilst most of its 2007 schedule has been set. At present, here’s their upcoming slate for the future:

August 25th: Beerfest
September 1st: Wicker Man
October 6th: The Departed
October 27th: Lucky You (delayed from Sept. 8th)
November 17th: Happy Feet
November 22nd: The Fountain
December 8th: Unaccompanied Minors & The Good German (Limited)
December 15th: Blood Diamond
December 22nd: We Are Marshall (delayed from Oct. 22nd)

January 12th: Astronaut Farmer
February 9th: Music & Lyrics (Delayed from 2006)
March 16th: 300
March 30th: TMNT
April 20th: Spring Breakdown
May 4th: No Reservations
June 8th: Ocean’s 13
July 4th: License to Wed
July 13th: Harry Potter and the Order Of The Phoenix
August 10th: Nancy Drew
August 24th: One Missed Call
October 12th: The Brave One
November 2nd: The Visiting (Delayed from 2006)
November 9th: Fred Claus
November 21st: I Am Legend
December 14th: 10,000 BC
TBA: August Rush
TBA: Michael Clayton
TBA: The Reaping (Delayed from 2006)