More “Terminator Genisys” Photos Arrive

Following yesterday’s EW covers and story details regarding the upcoming “Terminator Genisys,” some more photos and facts about the $170 million-budget film have arrived including – at last – a first look photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger reprising his iconic T-800 role.


This second report from EW confirms the movie recreates Schwarzenegger’s memorable arrival in the original 1984 film. Shot at L.A.’s Griffith Observatory, the effect is created thanks to a combination of a body double and digital scans of Arnold’s face from Cameron’s film.

Producer David Ellison says: “It’s the holy grail of visual effects. You create a walking, breathing human that doesn’t exist.”

Ellison also confirms that the film’s main villian will be a part-man/part-machine hybrid which, they hope is going to blow some minds: “Part of the challenge is to dazzle people with something they haven’t seen before. There are elements in our main villain that are straining the capacities of our brilliant visual-effects people. So that’s a good sign.”

The new “Terminator” is set to hit theaters on July 1st 2015.