More “Star Wars” Fett, Solo Spin-Off Rumors

Following the news earlier this week about at least four actresses testing for the female lead in Gareth Edwards’ untitled “Star Wars” spin-off film, more rumors have surfaced revealing further potential details about the story.


First up, Latino Review reports that according to their sources, both Boba Fett and Han Solo will be featured in this untitled spinoff. Said film will NOT revolve around stealing the plans for the first Death Star as had been previously indicated, but rather is reportedly set before that adventure.

They say the story will deal with the relationships between Han, Boba and other criminals – specifically The Hutts. Said spin-off could also be used to “kick off a new series of Star Wars movies.”

Elsewhere, Making Star Wars reports that the film will be shot in Mexico, and that “bounty hunters are important to the film.” Crew members are also expected to redress some of the sets from ‘Force Awakens’ for use in the spinoff which will reportedly shoot under the code name “Los Alamos.”

There is speculation that said Mexico location may be used to stand in for the planet Geonosis, the planet from ‘Attack of the Clones’ where the plans for the Death Star were created and where the body of Jango Fett lies.

As per usual with a report like this, none of this has been confirmed by Lucasfilm or Disney.