More “Star Wars: Episode VII” Rumors Emerge

Following on from yesterday’s blink and you’d have missed it rumored leak of footage from “Star Wars: Episode VII,” Badass Digest has posted up a new scoop which reportedly reveals a bit more about the characters played by Daisy Ridley and Max von Sydow.


The report ties into the one back in July that the film apparently starts out with the discovery of a severed hand with a light saber attached to it which sets Daisy Ridley and John Boyega’s characters on their adventure. Today’s details say that isn’t quite right:

“It isn’t these characters who discover the light saber, but rather a ‘blue alien guy’ who brings the Jedi relic to a salvage yard where Daisy Ridley’s character, reportedly named Kira, is hanging out with Max von Sydow.

The actor is playing an older ‘cyborg dude’ who may possibly be suffering from dementia, but he immediately recognizes the light saber and references characters from the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

After both Kira and the alien leave, this old cyborg makes a call to someone, saying simply, ‘It’s here.’ Who could he be talking to? That information has not been revealed yet.”

They also say Ridley’s character reportedly lives in an abandoned AT-AT tipped over on its side, and there’s reports that Chewbacca may score lose an appendage either before or during the course of events in the film.