More Rebooted “Ninja Turtles” Shredder Talk

William Fichtner has been doing more interviews this week in which the topic of the Michael Bay-produced “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” movie came up again.

Fichtner plays the villain Shredder in the film and confirms that not only will he be donning the armor, but he signed a three picture deal to play the character so he’ll be playing the role for some time to come should the first prove successful.

Asked about the film’s tone, he tells Flicks and the City:

“It always had sort of a bouncy cartoon feel to me, which is great, that’s why it was appealing. That’s not this movie…It’s not like any Mutant Ninja Turtles thing you’ve ever seen before. It’s freaky, they’re cool, and they’re mutants and they look awesome. It’s tough.

He goes on to comment a bit about his character:

“Well I play a guy named Eric Sachs and we find out that Eric Sachs is somebody else too. I can’t give away too much in the story but I can tell you that who Shredder is in the telling of this Turtles is unlike any telling of the story before.

His connection and relationship to the turtles is a bit surprising and for an actor playing it, the backstory, which comes out in this film, is really intriguing…We made some changes while filming that I thought are just awesome.”