More Publishers Drop Out Of E3 2016

Following the wake of Electronic Arts and Activision’s departures, two more major game publishers are backing out from the show floor at this year’s E3 2016. Disney Interactive and Wargaming have reportedly elected to drop their booths this year.

The loss has lead to E3 organiser Entertainment Software Association Senior Vice President of Communications Rich Taylor issuing a statement: “We have a record number of press briefings this year in the ramp to opening the show. That’s an indicator that folks recognize how valuable a launch pad.”

Wargaming in a statement indicated that a retail-focused event like E3 is not conducive to their digital game platform. Disney’s statement indicated they’ll be saving their stuff for their own events, similar to the way EA is instead opting to hold the public EA Play event. Activision’s games will be shown by console manufacturers like Sony.

Source: Screen Rant