More “Prometheus” Clips, Sequel Hints

Fox’s “Prometheus” marketing campaign got into full swing over the weekend. First came an oddly cut and underwhelming IMAX trailer on Friday. Then on Saturday the much raved about U.S. domestic full-length trailer which I’ve already discussed.

On Sunday however came another surprise – a UK extended trailer. Unlike other international trailers for major blockbusters, this 2min 48sec clip is very different to the U.S. one – swapping out the quick cut intensity and “Alien”-esque strobe/heartbeat/alarm-mashup auditory suspense for something much more slow burn and more conventional.

Instead of the horror tone there’s a grander sci-fi adventure feel here, helped greatly by the excellent choice of Max Richter’s “Sarajevo” for the music in the first half of the trailer. There’s also a ton of new footage to be seen and much more of the scale of the plot revealed yet oddly it’s also less spoiler-ish than the American trailer.

Both trailers are excellent, but there’s debate over which is better. I found the U.K. trailer’s beautifully building first half is stronger than the U.S. one, but its second half of action pales compared to the sheer power and atmosphere of the U.S. one. Check out the U.K. one below and let us know what you think in the comments below”:

Meanwhile Fox also gave a big presentation at this year’s WonderCon in Anaheim with director Ridley Scott, writer Damon Lindelof, and actors Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron in attendance.

Scott hinted at a potential sequel during the Q&A panel – “If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll have a second part because at the end of Prometheus, the film does leave some nice, big, open questions.” He also sounds very glad to be back in this genre again – “I’ll certainly do another science film as soon as possible. One of the trickiest things is: How original are you going to be?”

Then, Fassbender and Theron gave a 17-minute Q&A session with Yahoo which you can watch below: