More Peggy Carter Marvel Shorts Coming?

Marvel Studios co-president Louis D’Esposito says that the company is very happy with the reaction so far to Marvel’s upcoming “One-Shot: Agent Carter” short for the upcoming “Iron Man 3” Blu-ray.

In fact, they want actress Hayley Atwell back to play the character again in further adventures:

“What we’ve discussed is that there are going to be more Peggy Carter stories that we need to tell. She is wildly popular. Hayley loves it, and we love it. What we’ll do and how we’ll do it has not been determined yet, but those discussions have started. It’s in our consciousness that we need to tell another Peggy Carter story, somehow. Yet to be figured out yet, though.”

In terms of other One-Shot shorts, D’Esposito says:

“We have a file of them. I don’t know how many of them are in there right now, but some of our favourites are in there. As we get closer to the day, in talking with our actors, maybe something sparks. And now that they’re becoming more popular, more people want to do them, so you never know.”

Source: Collider