More On “Uncharted” Director Departure

Yesterday came word that “The Fighter” director David O. Russell had left the film adaptation of acclaimed best-selling video game series “Uncharted” at Sony Pictures.

Now, The Los Angeles Times has more details on the split and says part of the reason for it came down to the long and highly ambitious script the filmmaker had submitted.

As he had hinted at in interviews, Russell had taken the film in a completely different direction than the studio desired. Instead of a rough, wise-cracking lone adventurer exploring remote regions of the world with one or two helpers (think a much better written, more fun “Tomb Raider” or “Sahara”), Russell had created an art-heist movie involving a family of international thieves and a bunch of characters not in the game.

Sony is still intent on making the “Uncharted” film and will now bring in a new writer and director to work off an earlier non-Russell draft that sticks much closer to the game in style. With his departure, it’s expected that attached star Mark Wahlberg is out as well, and the 2012 release date is no longer a possibility.

Russell himself isn’t exactly strapped for films, having been linked to at least four other projects in recent months.