More “Logan” Story Details Paint A Grim Future

Yesterday came the reveal of the title and poster for Hugh Jackman’s next and final Wolverine movie: “Logan”. The poster, and a script page photo posting, offered some clues about the story and now further information has cropped up in a new report at The Wrap.


The report confirms the new film is inspired by the Old Man Logan arc from the comics in which an aged Wolverine is called back into action. The film is reportedly set in the year 2024. Mutant births have started to decline for reasons that aren’t clear.

Our mutant heroes aren’t doing good, Logan’s powers are in decline to the point he sometimes doesn’t heal at all – leading him to be in a constant state of chronic pain. Professor X’s powers are growing more unstable and he struggles to remember Logan, his caretaker. Helping them out is Stephen Merchant plays Caliban, an albino mutant.

The antagonists this time out tie into the government program Transigen, basically Treadstone from the Bourne films but one stocked with young mutants turned super soldiers. One kid caught up in it is a girl with two claws whom Logan takes under his wing. The film is also said to be darker and more violent than any other Wolverine or X-Men movie.

Boyd Holbrook, Richard E. Grant, and Elizabeth Rodriguez also star in the film which opens next March.