More League Talk & Confirmations

Reports mid-week about the “Justice League” project being in trouble seem to have been confirmed according to The Daily Telegraph.

Actress Teresa Palmer is scheduled to fly into Sydney next week to film her role of the villainous Talia al Ghul, whilst most of the rest of the cast is already here, but many of those involved in making the movie have not yet returned to work for the year after their summer holiday break.

Pre-production is continuing at Fox Studios in Sydney, but the script apparently still needs tweaking. The report adds that Judd Apatow regular Jay Baruchel will play the villain Max Lord, whilst model Megan Gale is still very much in training for her role as Wonder Woman.

Neither Miller nor the film’s producer, Barry Osborne, were available for comment. Meanwhile The Hot Topic says that little known actor Armie Hammer may have been cast as a villain in the project and NOT as Batman/Bruce Wayne as previously reported.

The IESB adds that French actor Dominique Pinon (“Alien Resurrection”) will be playing a villain as well.