More Justice League Casting Talk

A supposed casting list was sent around to several major sites over the weekend for Warner Bros. Pictures upcoming “Justice League” feature, yet there’s several minor differences amongst each.

Cinematical yesterday had “Friday Night Lights” star Scott Porter as Superman whilst Superhero Hype has “Skin” star D.J. Cotrona in the role. The same scenario happened for Adam Brody and Anton Yelchin who’re both being mentioned for The Flash.

All versions however have some commonalities. The previously mentioned Megan Gale as Wonder Woman, Common as Green Lantern, and Teresa Palmer as Talia al Ghul are cited. New ones include Santiago Cabrera (Isaac on “Heroes”) as Aquaman, Armie Hammer as Batman and Zoe Kazan as Iris.

CB got a response to both this list and their Scott Porter scoop already from a source who has the most reasonable explanation so far: “He’s been under consideration for a role but not for anyone in particular. Everyone came in and simply read – they didn’t come in to read for Superman or Batman or whoever. And the rumor was that Miller thought he might make a good Aquaman and Superman, so he was probably short-listed for both. I don’t know that he ended up getting either role though. I can’t be sure, but I don’t think so. If he doesn’t, he was definitely a contender though. Miller is making his casting decisions this weekend, and it’s very close, but I guess you’ll find out next week sometime? I can’t confirm any of the other names.”

In any case filming may be on hold for now with the script not yet finished and the current writing strike delaying the previously rushed production.