More Joker Talk From Knight

Empire Online is slowing revealing a new photo of The Joker in the upcoming “The Dark Knight”, the full shot should be up within the next few days.

Meanwhile, Heath Ledger talked to SFX Magazine about the make-up for the character: “It’s made up of three pieces. It’s a new technology. It’s not a prosthetic. This guy created these silicone pieces and they stamp them on. It’s a lot quicker and super flexible. You hardly even know it’s on your face. If it were a prosthethic, I’d have to have my whole neck and jaw done.”

Finally Sir Michael Caine talked to Batman On Film a bit more about Ledger’s work in the film: “The problem was, how do you top Jack Nicholson as The Joker? Heath Ledger plays the Joker and he is fantastic. I couldn’t see how Jack could be topped but he’s at least equal to him. It’s extraordinary. Jack’s Joker was a very nasty old uncle, this Joker is a maniacal, murderous psychopath… When you see the make-up — he looks like he’s mentally gone. He puts the make-up on to disguise himself and then goes and never takes it off again, or washes, so gradually it looks like leprosy.”