More Join “Supergirl,” “X-Files,” “Gotham”

A couple of key genre shows have been casting up. Firstly “Pan” title star Levi Miller has joined the cast of CBS’ “Supergirl” TV series as Carter, son of Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart). He’ll first debut in the fourth episode of the series.

The character will NOT be Adam Morgan from the comics, a character who was also the son of Cat Grant and was killed in a plot by the Toy Man. The series premieres October 26th.

Next up, “Chuck” star Vik Sahay will appear in an upcoming episode of FOX’s six-hour “The X-Files” limited event series revival which premieres late January. Sahay will play a man Mulder turns to for information during an investigation, and he is currently filming his role in Vancouver.

Finally, “Those Who Kill” actress Michelle Veintimilla has been cast in FOX’s “Gotham” in the role of Bridgit Pike, a woman who is enslaved by her arsonists brothers and forced into the family business.

After a deadly encounter, she is transformed into a vengeful super villain and becomes the show’s incarnation of comic villain Firefly.

Source: TV Line & The Live Feed