More Join Soderbergh’s “Godless” Netflix Series

Production has officially begun in Santa Fe, New Mexico on “Godless,” the new six-episode western Netflix series from acclaimed writer and directors Steven Soderbergh and Scott Frank.

Set in the expansive landscape of the great western frontier, Jeff Daniels plays a menacing outlaw named Frank Griffin who is terrorizing the West as he hunts down Roy Goode (Jack O’Connell), his son-like partner turned mortal enemy.

As Roy hides at the ranch of Alice Fletcher (Michelle Dockery), Frank’s chase leads him to the quiet town of La Belle, New Mexico which is mysteriously made up entirely of women.

Scoot McNairy is confirmed for the role of aging sheriff Bill McNue, Sam Waterston is onboard as Marshal John Cook, Kim Coates is the abrasive company man Ed Logan, Audrey Moore is the highly randy Sarah Doyle, Christiane Seidel is the mysterious German woman Martha, Randy Oglesby is dry goods store owner Asa Leopold, Justin Welborn is skillful tracker Floyd Wilson, and Christopher Fitzgerald is mining company president J.J. Valentine.

Samantha Soule and Whitney Able are also onboard. Soderbergh, Frank and Casey Silver are executive producers, and Frank serves as both writer and director. The series is scheduled to premiere worldwide on Netflix in 2017.

Source: Deadline