More Join BBC1’s “Great Train Robbery”

Martin Compston, Jack Roth, Neil Maskell, Paul Anderson, Del Synnott and Jack Gordon are all set to join the already cast Luke Evans in the BBC One’s two-part drama “The Great Train Robbery”.

Evans plays Bruce Reynolds, the mastermind behind the infamous 1963 mail train heist, at the time Britain’s biggest ever robbery with a haul worth £41 million in today’s money.

Filmed as two 90-minute telemovies, “The Robbers’ Tale” follows the thieves and ends in the immediate aftermath of the robbery. Julian Jarrold (“Brideshead Revisited,” “Red Riding: 1974”) helms this film which begins production later this month.

The second, “A Coppers’ Tale”, focuses on detective Tommy Butler and Scotland Yard’s bafflement and frustration in the face of the crime, and their efforts to catch the robbers. James Strong (“Broadchurch,” “Doctor Who”) is helming the second telemovie which has yet to be cast.

The producers behind the acclaimed BBC2 drama “United” will also produce this. It’s expected the films will go to air in August in time for the 50th anniversary of the heist.

Source: Deadline