More Issues With Charlie Sheen’s “Anger”

Production on FX’s “Anger Management” series has been pushed due to the absence of star Charlie Sheen who has missed several days of work in recent weeks. Lionsgate has been using stand-ins for the actor in certain scenes.

The situation has gotten so tense with Sheen’s fellow cast members that they are threatening to stop working if the absences persist. The delays are not expected to push the overall end date of production of the series.

Lionsgate and FX are committed to producing 100 episodes of the series with around two-thirds of that number complete. Shooting on the show is expected to finish this fall.

Sheen has been reportedly performing as usual when he is on set, but several have noticed his erratic behavior (even by his standards) of late. Recent health issues have also said to have been a factor.

A lot of money is at stake here. If a 100 episode order is complete, the series could generate between $350-500 million in revenue via network license fees, international sales and syndication revenue.

Source: The Live Feed