More Host Sequel Details

Sci-Fi Japan reports that the producers of the follow-up to the South Korean hit “The Host” intend to make this prequel even more topical than the first film.

The Bong Joon-ho directed 2006 South Korean monster movie became a global hit and scored strong reviews for not just its monster antics but its socio-political satire lambasting both its own and government and the American military’s involvement in Korea.

The backdrop that sets off events here will be the early days of the restoration of Cheonggyecheon, a four-mile creek flowing through downtown Seoul which had been covered over from 1968-2003. An expensive two-year urban renewal project restored the stream which opened to the public in 2005 and many say helped President elect Lee Myung-bak win office. Yet it has also caused major disruption to the lives of many living around it whilst having no effect on the country’s growing environmental concerns.

Several monsters living underground will find their lair disturbed by early work on the renovation and rise to the surface, causing considerable panic. The chomping action will be mixed with street vendors, demolition contractors, and police characters all caught up in the chaos caused by the restoration.

The director and cast members are not yet confirmed. Well-known comic artist Kang Full spend six months on the script which was handed in just before Christmas. Shooting is expected to get underway this Summer for release in mid-2009.