More Heroes Come To “Legends of Tomorrow”

The DC Comics universe on the small screen keeps expanding with word coming via the DC Instagram account that four more superhero characters from the comics will be coming to The CW’s “Legends of Tomorrow”.

The four teases were photos of singular items along with their related comic characters hiding in the background. The characters are: Hourman, Sandman (NOT the Neil Gaiman one), Sgt. Rock, and Ma Hunkle (the first Red Tornado).

The teases come as over the weekend actor Johnathon Schaech, who plays bounty hunter Jonah Hex in episode eleven of the series, showed off a photo of his preparation for the five-day shoot for the role – hiding his facial prosthetics behind a phone and showing off part of his costume and tight physique instead.

“Legends of Tomorrow” continues airing on Thursday nights with the third episode to premiere tomorrow.

Source: Instagram