More “Game of Thrones” Talk, VOD & Promos

Academy of Television Sesssion
The Academy of Television recently hosted an evening to celebrate the cast and creative team behind the popular HBO fantasy series “Game of Thrones” ahead of its third season premiere next Sunday.

Executive producers David Benioff and Dan Weiss, and author George R.R. Martin, were all on hand and in the process dropped a few interesting bits of information. First up, Martin will have a cameo this season, though the role isn’t specified.

The production shot as multiple units across five different countries (Iceland, Ireland, Croatia, Morocco) this past season. Benioff says that despite rumors, there is no order for next season from the network and they are still waiting on a green light for Season 4.

Benioff says whole seasons have to be planned out ahead of time – “The first scene we shot from Season 3 was from the 10th and final episode. The entire season is cross-boarded. We have two first units shooting two different episodes, virtually every single day, with two directors. For a couple of weeks last season, we had three units shooting every day, with three directors from three episodes, often in two different countries.”

Asked about the books and the TV series potentially catching up, Martin gave the following response:

Well, I’m writing book 6, The Winds of Winter. I’m starting to worry because everybody keeps asking me, “What are you going to do, if David and Dan and the show catches up to you?,” and I didn’t think it was a problem before, but they’re moving faster than I am and it’s beginning to scare me.

I have not failed to notice this. I feel sometimes as if I’m laying track for a railroad and I can hear the locomotive coming up behind me. it’s building speed and I see the smoke and I hear the whistle coming, and I better keep laying that track pretty fast ’cause I’ll get squashed, if the locomotive comes.

But, I still have a pretty considerable lead, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. Season 3 is only the first half of book 3. Season 4 will be the second half of book 3. And then, I have book 4 and book 5, and those are gigantic books which have to be recombined because they’re actually parallel. I’m hoping those will be at least two seasons, maybe three.

That will give me some time to finish book 6. By the time they’re doing that season, I’ll be writing book 7. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

Australian S3 Broadcast & VOD
As previously reported, “Game of Thrones” was the most pirated TV series online last year. This problem is particularly strong in Australia where it’s estimated up to 2% of the country’s entire population download episodes of the show illegally.

A big part of the reason was availability. Local cable provider Foxtel, which carries the show, was delaying episodes a full week from their U.S. broadcast. That problem is being avoided with the third season with new episodes to be broadcast within an hour of the U.S. airing.

In fact, Australian viewers will get something the rest of the world doesn’t. While iTunes users in other countries have to wait until the disc release early next year, HBO is making third season episodes available in the Australian iTunes store just a few hours after broadcast. A season pass will cost a quite reasonable AUD $33.99.

Source: Collider